About Campus Centers

In 2015-16 the Puget Sound Campus Center was recognized by IIDA Headquarters, winning Excellence in Community Activities

IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter is proud to support two Campus Centers: Puget Sound Campus Center is comprised of colleges and universities in the Seattle metro area, and Inland Northwest Campus Center is comprised of colleges and universities in the Spokane, WA / Northern Idaho metro areas. Since 300 miles separate the two Campus Centers, each has its own Student Council and offer local events, but there is a strong emphasis on collaboration between the two regions. In 2013-14 both campus centers were honored by headquarters – Inland Northwest Campus Center won Campus Center of the Year and  Excellence in Community, while Puget Sound Campus Center won Excellence in Education.

Our mission: To forge a link between students and professionals.

Benefits of Membership

Speed Mentoring/Coffee Connections
Marked-Up Academic Award
Portfolio Review and Workshop
National Student Mentoring Week
Regional Charrette

2016-17 Schedule



OCTOBER Wilsonart Scholarship Winners Announced @ InAwards REVEAL
Council Planning Retreat
INawards Viewing Party w/ City Centers
NOVEMBER Built Environment Tour Built Environment Tour
DECEMBER No Event Winter Break
JANUARY Product Showcase
Portfolio Workshop
Coffee Connections
FEBRUARY Speed Mentoring
Local Charette
Regional Charette (Seattle Qualifying Round)
MARCH No Event Portfolio Review
APRIL Community Outreach Regional Charette
National Student Mentoring Week
MAY Marked Up Event End of Year Party & Elections
JUNE End of Year Party & Elections Summer Break


“The opportunity to be the IIDA Student representative at the University of Idaho has challenged me to be a great leader among my peers! I love that I get to introduce other students to the fantastic opportunities that IIDA has to offer. There is so much interaction between the local design professionals and us, as students, that it really helps us get our foot in the door for our future careers. IIDA really caters to the relationships of the design community and it has taught me a lot about what it looks like to be successful designer!”

Amber Eisenbraun, University of Idaho
Inland Northwest Campus Center University of Idaho Liaison, 2013-14

“I have enjoyed being in IIDA because it has pushed me to be a leader. With leadership comes a lot of challenges but a lot of opportunity to influence and grow. I look forward to being a part of IIDA because I will continue gaining skills in how to work in a team and carry that over into my future endeavors.”

Nicole Botzong, WSU Pullman Campus
Inland Northwest Campus Center VP of Student Events, 2013-14

“I have enjoyed being a student member of IIDA because it allows me to interact with professionials and connect with other students.  IIDA events are not only fun, but they also remind me of my love for design and help me understand what I can expect after I graduate.  IIDA has given me opportunities to learn about the interior design industry and meet a variety of professionals, all with an inspiring passion for design.”

Jordan Christensen, WSU Pullman Campus
Inland Northwest Campus Center Events Coordinator, 2013-14

“My experience with IIDA has been extremely beneficial. IIDA has given me the confidence I need to talk with professionals on a more personal level and gain connections I would have never made otherwise. IIDA has given me the opportunity to share ideas with like-minded students and help build morale within the student design community. An IIDA membership is invaluable as a design student; every design student should have one and get involved with IIDA!”

Miranda McCrory, WSU Pullman Campus
Inland Northwest Campus Center President, 2013-14

“Being a member of IIDA has provided with me with numerous invaluable experiences. I have worked side by side with professionals that I would not have met otherwise and became great friends with students from other schools. Not only did I get to attend and plan student events, I also had the opportunity to volunteer at professional events. I also made connections who have offered to help me in transitioning from school into the industry.”

Jessica Holman, Art Institute of Seattle
Puget Sound Campus Center VP of Community Outreach, 2012-13 

“I’ve stepped out of my shell and learned to be a leader, but more importantly I’ve gotten to know some really amazing people.  I’ve met professionals from many different companies and backgrounds.  I’ve met students from other interior design programs and even some people I had never met at my own campus.  Making friends (and connections) is as important as making models and floor plans.”

Teressa Longmire-Bowdish, Bellevue College
Puget Sound Campus Center Secretary, 2013-14

“I joined the Council committee because of their tremendous hospitality where I am able to network with my professional peers. It also helped me get out of my comfort zone and see the different opportunities there are in the industry.”

Jespreet Gill, Art Institute of Seattle
Puget Sound Campus Center Communications Coordinator, 2012-13

“Being a member of IIDA has allowed me to meet a broad spectrum of professionals in the design industry, to network with design students in other programs, and to participate in a variety of industry events.  Student Mentor Week, the portfolio review, and numerous scholarship opportunities have made membership well worth my time and investment.  I am better prepared to embark on a professional career as a designer because IIDA has provided me with many “real world” experiences.”

Summer Sterling, Bellevue College
Puget Sound Campus Center President, 2012-13 / Director 2013-14

“IIDA’s networking opportunities have completely opened up the doors for me. Through portfolio reviews, design charettes, and simple interactions, I have formed strong relationships with professionals in the industry and design students from other colleges.”

Taylor Thurlow, Bellevue College
Puget Sound Campus Center Community Outreach Coordinator, 2012-13 / President 2013-14

“IIDA’s members are all friendly and create a good opportunity to bound design + people. IIDA’s events are not only fun, but also inspire me to make better design.”

Mieko Eyler, Bellevue College
Puget Sound Campus Center VP of Communications, 2013-14