Congratulations to Traveling Fellowship Winner, Dan Beert!

Dan Beert
By: / January 27, 2017
Topics: IIDA Northern Pacific

Dan BeertCongratulations to Dan Beert, IIDA, and Chair of the Interior Design at Bellevue College. See what his world travel plans are as part of the Fellowship below.

Fellowship Activity
Conducting an exploratory trip to Florence, Italy, to help develop a study abroad curriculum, and plan an itinerary for a 3 -week sketch-study tour in Fall 2017. While there, I’ll have a chance to explore the culture and community, consult with local educators, conduct my own sketch studies, and return with a portfolio of examples, lessons, and ideas that demonstrate drawing as an evidence-based design activity, a narrative tool, and an expressive art.

The curriculum design will also create a repeatable sketch-study methodology for gathering ideas and responding to design in situ; a framework of practices that can be used on future trips to other global as well as local venues.

My itinerary begins October 12th with a four-day visit to Venice and the Architecture Biennale; then to Florence from October 17th through November 3rd; followed by a drawing workshop with Anita Lehmann in Civita di Bagnoregio; and finally, on the 9th, to Rome for a too brief romp through the ruins, historic sites, and side streets before flying home on November 12th. I’ll provide the IIDA NPC with a link to my blog site, so you can follow along if you like.

Thanks to the IIDA Pacific Northwest Chapter for their generosity in awarding this fellowship, and for honoring Spencer de Mille, an avid traveler and advocate for the adventure of life-long learning.

Raised in the Chicago area by an engineer father and a mother who was continually redesigning our Craftsman style home, from as early as I can remember, some part of the house was being remodeled. When I was ten, my mom gave me a copy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Natural House” because I was always drawing houses and floor plans, and helping Dad with the remodeling as soon as I could hold a tool. I’m still influenced by principles from that book, and the spirit of place where I grew up.

Everything since then was an extension of those interests, explored in varied ways, down many winding paths to here. I’ve been a machinist, fork lift driver, landscape maintenance guy, actor/dancer/singer, theatrical lighting and set designer, box office and stage manager, retail interior designer, freelance architectural illustrator, senior designer and project manager on large commercial projects, and a student many times over.

Attending community college and finding – at last – great teachers who showed me that learning can engage the imagination and provoke curiosity, it was only a matter of time before I returned to what I was always interested in doing. At 25, I completed a BFA in Interior Design, delved into practice, and 15 years later earned an MA in Interior Design and Facilities Management. My teaching career began at the University of Kentucky in 1995, followed by a move to the Seattle area in 2002 to teach at Bellevue College, where I’m lucky to be doing what I love and being part of this great learning community.