Hillary Rielly

By: / March 31, 2016
Topics: Member Spotlight

Member Profile – March


Member since: 2010

1)     Why did you choose Interior Design?

I love the way that spaces can make change your mood instantly. Wellness is defined as “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.” Interior Design has the power to contribute wellness to our lives. And that is a pretty great thing to be apart of.

2)     Why did you join IIDA?

I have two young sons and they have taught me about the importance of community. Not just the community that helps to raise them. I’ve discovered I need to expand my own working community so that I can thrive with other professionals and exercise that part of my brain.

3)     What is your favorite event that the IIDA hosts?

I just attended Rise and I loved it! I’m a morning person so it’s right up my alley and I think I want to be a motivational speaker in another life. I left feeling so inspired.

4)     Please tell us a couple interesting facts about you?

I make a mean pie, have a bad shoe shopping habit and I once lived in a yurt through a Montana winter.