INawards15: See the Winning Projects

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By: / November 21, 2015
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The 12th annual INawards event held on October 26 at Benaroya Hall handed out nine awards to seven firms located in the Northern Pacific Chapter.  Read on for the winning firms and project submissions.

INconcept15 Winner: NBBJ
Project: Denny Substation

This new electrical substation in downtown Seattle will include two interior spaces to activate the site; a 3,900 SF Community Meeting Space and a 2,900 SF Energy Inspiration Center. With a client known as “the nation’s greenest utility”, we took the opportunity to develop these spaces to reflect their values and to create a new front door to engage with the community. This project also hopes to inspire and educate visitor’s to own the role they play in the future of power and showcase the impressive trajectory of modern energy both through exhibits and the project itself, which is projected to be Net Positive Energy and receive Petal Certification from the Living Building Challenge. For design inspiration, we looked to the hydropower dams that provide electricity to Seattle, which led to a simple concept of water and light that manifests in the project’s forms, colors, and textures.



INhealthcare15 Winner: NBBJ
Project: Palo Alto Medical Foundation

The new healthcare facility, is an integrated healthcare campus serving the city of San Carlos, California. With room for 120 providers offering a full range of primary and specialty care clinics, the facility includes an urgent care center, outpatient surgery center, full clinical laboratory and digital imaging services. The four-story, 192,000-square-foot facility is situated on a prominent 18.5-acre site overlooking the San Carlos region and resonates contextually with the historic Missions of the area. Clinics are located within the building to align horizontally with their associated acute care services in a future 4-story 97-bed hospital that will complete development on the site.

inhealthcare15_nbbj_1 inhealthcare15_nbbj_2 inhealthcare15_nbbj_3 inhealthcare15_nbbj_4 inhealthcare15_nbbj_5 inhealthcare15_nbbj_6 inhealthcare15_nbbj_7


INhome15 Winner: Amy Baker Design
Project: Chelan Lake House

Inspired by “camp life” and a family’s love for the outdoors, this hideaway was designed for modern, easy living. The design draws from its natural environment, as well as from the history and culture of the region: miner’s cabins, barns, and alpine structures. These vernacular influences blend with modern shapes and details to create a fresh and welcoming aesthetic. Living spaces spread across three levels allow for separation and togetherness, while connecting to the outdoors and breathtaking views.

inhome15_amybaker_1 inhome15_amybaker_2 inhome15_amybaker_3 inhome15_amybaker_4 inhome15_amybaker_5 inhome15_amybaker_6 inhome15_amybaker_7 inhome15_amybaker_8

©Amy Baker Design

INhospitality15 Winner: Box Interior Design Inc.
Project: Glowbal Restaurant

As the new masthead for our clients’ broad array of restaurants, this 17,000 square foot space is intended to offer a warm and easy glamour that feels intimate, sexy and vibrant. Guests enter the restaurant at center stage to experience the dramatic double height space and the full width of the fifty foot show kitchen.   From the central champagne bubble lounge to the voyeuristic leather armchairs around the mezzanine or within one of the signature private rooms, there is a seat for every occasion.

inhospitality15_box_1 inhospitality15_box_2 inhospitality15_box_3 inhospitality15_box_4 inhospitality15_box_5 inhospitality15_box_6 inhospitality15_box_7 inhospitality15_box_8

©Box Interior Design Inc.

INmass15 (Macro) Winner: Gensler
Project: Microsoft, Buildings 16 & 17

”Creating Connections”, the design concept for this workspace environment which spans two separate buildings, is based on the mobile lifestyle connecting through devices and the cloud. The space showcases this technology, connectivity and new ways of working that it enables.

inmassmacro15_gensler_1 inmassmacro15_gensler_2 inmassmacro15_gensler_3 inmassmacro15_gensler_4 inmassmacro15_gensler_5 inmassmacro15_gensler_6 inmassmacro15_gensler_7 inmassmacro15_gensler_8


INmass15 (Macro) Winner: Gensler
Project: Howard S Wright, Headquarters Relocation

This client’s new headquarters was designed as a place to inspire collaboration, showcase thought leadership and innovation. The space functions as a place where “shiny shoes meet muddy boots,” a term the client used to describe their culture that integrates the workplace with construction site activity. Located in the upper level of a historically designated 60s era post office building, their full floor space is designed around two major components, namely community and craft.

inmassmicro15_gensler_1 inmassmicro15_gensler_2 inmassmicro15_gensler_3 inmassmicro15_gensler_4 inmassmicro15_gensler_5 inmassmicro15_gensler_6 inmassmicro15_gensler_7 inmassmicro15_gensler_8


INpublic15 Winner: SkB Architects
Project: Blue Sky Church

The project is the renovation of a 1977 one story office building located in Bellevue, Washington into a place of worship, fellowship, inspiration and human connection for a diverse growing congregation and it’s surrounding neighborhood. The project was a balance of recognizing the significance and importance of fellowship, and connection while maintaining the church’s existing culture of informality. Bringing natural light into the public spaces was a strong priority to promote pre‐services and programs in contrast the focused intimacy of the sanctuary. Materials were selected for their contrasting tactility along with warm and cool colorations to create a comfortable relaxed quality.

inpublic15_skb_1 inpublic15_skb_2 inpublic15_skb_3 inpublic15_skb_4 inpublic15_skb_5 inpublic15_skb_6 inpublic15_skb_7

©SkB Architects

INstory15 Winner: Mithun
Project: Navos Behavioral Healthcare Center for Children, Youth and Families

The sole purpose of this project is to heal and improve the lives of foster children and children with special needs. Located on the shore of Lake Burien, the campus consists of five new buildings: an Outpatient Treatment Facility to welcome newcomers and provide counseling and healthcare, three Residential Cottages to house and treat children with special needs and Independence Bridge (IB), an apartment building for young adults transitioning from the foster system into independent living. Despite the constraints of a tight budget and many programmatic safety needs, the completed campus is designed with integrated indoor and outdoor environments that offer healing and sanctuary. The region’s children and youth now have a place where they can heal from traumatic experiences in a safe and welcoming environment.
An ability to empathize and deeply understand the user experience is the interior designer’s most important design tool. It enables the creation of wonderful designs that support the needs of and resonate with users. For this project, the programming and design process yielded a unique design experience that was emotional on many levels. Putting oneself into the mind of a troubled, abused and afraid child is no easy task. In the end, through the thoughtful work of all the design team members, a campus was created for children with special needs who have gone through traumatic experiences ranging from abuse to mental illness and beyond. Despite budget constraints, a compressed schedule to get children into treatment as soon as possible and many safety programmatic needs, the Navos campus was successfully completed and now stands as a retreat and healing center for children throughout the greater Seattle area.

instory15_mithun_1 instory15_mithun_2 instory15_mithun_3 instory15_mithun_4 instory15_mithun_5 instory15_mithun_6 instory15_mithun_7 instory15_mithun_8


People’s Choice 2015 Winner: Weber Thompson
Project: LUMA

When it opens in 2016, this will be Seattle’s most desirable condominium in Seattle’s most desirable location. Designed to appeal to the stylish, upscale tastes of the high-end condominium market, the project is filled with quality details, mature materials and a bit of drama around each corner. Unexpectedly bold black and white photography by a local photographer is juxtaposed with marble floors in formal patterns, and pools of light spill from highly polished light fixtures that float overhead. ©Weber Thompson

peoplechoice15_weberthompson_1 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_8 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_7 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_6 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_5 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_4 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_3 peoplechoice15_weberthompson_2

©Weber Thompson