Member Spotlight: Chapter President, Jill Lee

Member Profile: Meet your new IIDA NPC Chapter President!

Member since: I was a Student Member in 2002-2005, dropped off and came back in 2012.

1)     Why did you choose Interior Design?

The balance of creative expression and technicality of drawings is the perfect balance for my personality. I enjoy the fact that no two projects are the same, even for the same client. I also appreciate that this career is active; One day I’m burning the midnight oil at my computer, another day I’m out of the office on project sites, in client meetings or on a manufacturer factory tours. The variety of activities and project types keeps my job feeling fresh and new every day. There is never a dull moment!

2)     Why did you join IIDA?

My network in the design community has expanded so much since becoming an active IIDA NPC member, which has made my career so much more enriching.  IIDA NPC has provided me with a supportive community of peers that I can talk to about anything from detailing solutions for a project, to advice on how to handle certain client situations, to personal life experiences. This community has given me the encouragement to make decisions outside of my comfort zone (like becoming President!) and the confidence to help our design community advance the interior design profession through our Chapter programming.

You get what you put into your IIDA membership. Being an active member of IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter has given me experience outside the practice of interior design that I otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. Volunteer management, leadership development and mentorship of young professionals are a small sampling of the benefits of being an active IIDA member.

3)     What is your favorite event that the IIDA hosts?

I previously served as the VP of Signature Events, so I’m partial to INawards, RISE and Toast!. But I also get so much out of travelling to our other City Centers, InlandNW and Boise, to participate in their events. Both City Centers have tremendous impact on our Chapter as a whole, and I enjoy the camaraderie with these other design communities.

4)     Please tell us a couple interesting facts about you?

I was born and raised in Seattle, which seems unusual these days with all of the growth and migration in our area. My dream life would consist of owning a combo animal rescue/wellness spa/hop farm/glitter factory. My favorite TV show of all time is The Golden Girls.