Michelle Widner, IIDA, NCIDQ

By: / January 24, 2016
Topics: Member Spotlight

Membership Profile #106


Member since: 2006 (and Chapter President for 2015-2016)

1)     Why did you choose Interior Design?

I love interior design because there are so many facets to it – art, psychology, problem solving, technical skills, research, business, etc. Everyday is different and there is always a new challenge.

2)     Why did you join IIDA?

How much time do you have?

When I graduated college I found it very difficult to get an interior design job. I learned quickly you don’t just drop off a resume or do cold calls. It is about relationships. I looked for an organization that was interior design focused so I could connect with other designers but in Spokane there wasn’t one. When the INWCC was started, I was able to finally connect with other designers and establish lifelong relationship with some amazing people.

Over the years, I have been exposed to people, places and ideas I would never had the opportunity had I not been a Board Member. It also have helped me develop as a designer and person. There are so many things you can’t learn in school or at work – professional development is more than just CEUs and lectures. IIDA gives me the freedom to get out of my comfort zone and try new things while making a difference in my profession.

Most importantly, I love the people I get to work with in IIDA.

3)     What is your favorite event that the IIDA hosts?

INawards & REVEAL.

4)     Please tell us a couple interesting facts about you?

I am obsessed with dogs, design, and the cutest boy as evident by my Facebook and Instagram accounts.