Nov.14 | OpenSquare Presents “Blur the Edges”

By: / October 26, 2017
Topics: Industry

Join OpenSquare, Steelcase and Microsoft to hear some of the latest research on what’s blurring the edges of the traditional office, and to experience our latest products that create places where people love to work.

November 14
4:00 – 7:00 pm

5601 6th Ave S, Suite 470
Seattle, WA 98108 

From 4:30 to 5:30 we will have a presentation/CEU for all attendees with Steelcase Regional Education Leader Dave Bublitz. After that, guests will be able to participate in showroom tours as well as experience:

  • Microsoft Surface Hub: Interact with the Surface Hub in one of our newly updated Creative Spaces and experience cutting edge technology for user engagement.
  • Workplace Advisor Dashboard: Demo of the intuitive dashboard allowing users to search by time frame, location, room amenities and attributes and identify overused vs. underutilized spaces. Powered by Microsoft Azure.
  • Umami Visualizer: A tool that allows users to create their very own Umami configurations and apply a carefully curated set of materials. Play with options and see the possibilities of Umami in a way that is simply not possible in a showroom where there is typically only one configuration.
  • Coalesse LessThanFive Customizer: With just a few clicks, a customer can choose the exact color they like, add a gradient, choose a finish, or upload a unique design
  • Surface Materials Display: Guests will activate their senses with a wide range of inspiring textures, patterns and colors.
  • In addition, each guest will receive a customized Data Portrait button featuring stylistic elements created by MoMA artist and TED speaker Glorgla Lupl.

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