Forums provide a place of discussion and dialogue regarding the most current trends, challenges, and developments within specific markets of interior design in our community.  Utilizing networks of specialized design and industry leaders allows for interaction with highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, projects, and products.

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Rebecca Allexsaht

The Corporate Forum develops dialogue and networking opportunities regarding well-designed workplaces and their impact on corporate business goals.  Advisor: Rebecca Allexsaht







Terry Huang

Facility Planning and Design
The Facility Planning and Design Forum provides a venue for discussion of knowledge specific to the design and planning of corporate, institutional and production facilities, blending organizational expectations with effective use of space.  Advisor: Terry Huang





The Healthcare Forum supports design professionals in the challenging and rewarding field of healthcare design and acts as a source for exploring methods of design and innovation which create positive, effective healing environments. Advisor: Position Open

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The Hospitality Forum, provides a venue for discussion, development and dissemination of knowledge specific to the hospitality industry. Advisor: Position Open

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The Residential Forum provides a platform for camaraderie, exploratory discussion and knowledge sharing about the latest developments in the residential design industry. Advisor: Position Open

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The Sustainability Forum was created to facilitate increased collaboration among existing IIDA Forums. The Sustainability Forum seeks to keep individuals apprised of current events, projects and research concerning this important and growing arena within the interior design profession.  Advisor: Position Open

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The Government Forum enhances the quality of interior design in public and government facilities at the federal, state, city and local levels through professional advocacy, member services, and member interaction.  Advisor: Position Open

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The Institutional Forum enhances the quality, health, and welfare of interior design in facilities that represent an established organization of a public character. These project types are both publicly and privately funded projects (other than those represented by the government).  Advisor: Position Open

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The Knowledge Forum promotes education, awareness and the value of good design through excellence in undergraduate, graduate, continuing education and professional development initiatives. This group is a link between academia and practitioners through collaborative efforts among interior design educators, researchers, practitioners and industry members.  Advisor: Position Open

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